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The famous or infamous Flak 88 AA gun that was often deployed in

The famous or infamous Flak 88 AA gun that was often deployed in


The famous (or infamous) Flak 88 AA gun that was often deployed in an antitank and anti-fortification role to the grief of the opponent.

Originally designed as an anti-aircraft cannon, the 88 excelled at holing Allied tanks.

Seasoned German Flak 88 Gun, showcasing many “Victory Rings” on the barrel. September pin by Paolo Marzioli

An American artillery crew preparing to fire a multi-purpose 88mm gun captured in Germany

The Flak 88 was a legendary WWII-era anti-air and an anti-tank gun used by Nazi Germany and their allies. The predecessor of this iconic gun was produced

A German 88 mm gun on the coast in southern B/W Photo Colourised by Pearse.

The famous (or infamous) Flak 88 AA gun that was often deployed in .

The famous (or infamous) Flak 88 AA gun that was often deployed in .

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... through a rain of pellets, ...

A British Sherman in action in Normandy shortly after D-Day. Photo source:

German 88-mm anti-aircraft gun FlaK 36 is preparing to open fire.

Two German soldiers stand next to their 88 mm Flak with front armor and painted white stripes on the barrel to represent tank and vehicle kills.


Tanks in the German Army

German Panzer IV medium tank.

The German 88mm gun

The ...

PaK 43

Repair of the transmission of a Panther

Nazi Germany's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War

German A7V called the Alter Fritz Fifth from left Leutnant Ernst Volckheim (Arrowed)

New: Afrika Korps 8.8cm Flak 37

New: Panther-X with Light Rail Gun


An early-production Tiger I in service in Tunisia. Photo source: Bundesarchiv.

New: Afrika Korps Pak 36 light anti-tank gun

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New: German Heer Support Group

Much of the Sherman's design was drawn from experiences with this

Hayes Jr. and a fellow soldier training prior to deployment, firing rifles.

New: German Deutsches Afrika korps, DAK – 1000pt starter army

130 mm air defense gun KS-30

A British Firefly in Namur, 1944. With its 17-pounder anti-tank

New: Panther-X


New: German Heer Pak 43 anti-tank gun

More Dakka is ...

How the 'Buffalo Soldiers' helped turn the tide in Italy during World War II

End of May 2018, soldiers of the Algerian People's National Armed Forces discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition in the south of the country, ...

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New: German Thor Heavy Panzermech

Semple Tank undergoing trials

The final form of the Porsche prototype. Ultimately the Porsche turret would be used on

New: German Feldgendarme Motorcycle Team

German Bundeswehr soldiers during exercise in 1960

The infamous WWII German Flak 88. US 120mm AA gun used in ...

New: King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun

Other German types commonly seen over Dunkirk were the Junkers Ju-88, Dornier Do-17, and He-111C medium bombers. We also see lots of Messerschmitt Bf-110 “ ...

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger, Sd.Kfz. 181, 'Tiger I'

Madeline Gins, What the President Will Say and Do!!, 1984, Station Hill Press, New York

Crew of North Vietnamese SA-2 missile site, deploying some of the most advanced missile technology of the era. In the war's early years, US policymakers ...

The plan was to replace the Hurricane with the Spitfire, an aircraft type to become one of the most beautiful and iconic pieces of equipment to come out of ...

An Israeli M51 Super Sherman, alongside an early M50. Photo source: Wikipedia.

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THE GERMAN 88: The Most Famous Gun of the Second World War - Terry Gander

Charging the Vz. 61.

-viera/#boycottnovell-social-Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊): When the #law is on your side (or isn't of much use anyway) ...

This is a German Flak 88, which was actually much bigger than I imagined. Once again, I couldn't fit the whole weapon in a single snapshot.

German Commander-in-Chief Hans von Seeckt (on left) in 1930

New: German towed Schwerefeld Projektor

Opinion | Foul-mouthed Hongkongers will love this: the more you swear, the smarter you may be | South China Morning Post

A M4A3E2 "Jumbo" Sherman, which featured much thicker armor and a 105mm main

... 10.1 German and Allied operational plans, 1940 ...

Bavarian News 2011-06

Divergent Options is a ...

WEAPON DESCRIPTIONS See pp. W94-99 for the most commonly used weapons for German

Zerstörergeschwader 1 (ZG 1) – Bf110 heavy fighter wing

Halo MA5B Assault Rifle

Though it is popular to think of the 1939-1941 "Blitzkrieg" era Wehrmacht as a near unstoppable war machine, reality is far different.

21st Century German Flak Gun 36 88mm PAK 1/18 Anti Tank Craft .


Tiger E

A US soldier stands in the midst of a chaotic situation in Haiti in 1994.


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... 21.1 German supply lines in Russia, 1941 ...

New: Afrika Korps 2cm Flak 38

ADR-15v2 (A.T.D.F)

German Tiger I RC ferngesteuerter Panzer mit Gefecht- und Schusssimulation,Sound,Licht,

Chancellorsville and Gettysburg

An M4A1, showing the rounded hull that was standard with early-model Shermans.


Meteor I vs V1 Flying Bomb -1944

1915 Royal Canadian Regiment in Bermuda

'The Zeppelin Raids: The Vow of Vengeance,' by Frank Brangwyn. Source: Rare Book Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


First flown in 1936, the 3 seat Fairey Battle light bomber represented a major advance over its biplane predecessors. It was also the first operational ...

8.8cm FlaK 18 / FlaK 36 / FlaK 37 (German 88) Anti-